What are some of the most common types of limousines available for hire?

Limousine hire companies vary greatly from one to another. Some services have a higher and larger variety of vehicles compared to others. So many factors come into play. For example, the business owner may have started with a limited budget and therefore had to buy about two or three cars to begin with. Years of operation may also be another factor. A business that has been around for over ten years may not have the same number and variety as one that has been around for only a year.

With that being said, there are some common types that you are bound to find in most areas. They are; stretch sedan limousines, SUV limousines, party buses and Hummer limousines. The Lincoln Town Car is widely regarded as the most common type of limousine for hire.

Are the clients required or allowed to tip the chauffeurs?

Yes. There is no rule against tipping a chauffeur. All Chauffeurs are trained professionals who are required to do their jobs to their utmost best. Tipping them only shows that the customer is satisfied and therefore it is totally acceptable.

Are clients allowed to smoke in the car?

Smoking in any of the vehicles is PROHIBITED. Limousine services do not tolerate smoking and there are strict rules put against it. In case a client smokes in the car, there is a penalty charged. The client will be required to pay a cleaning fee for the vehicle. The amount payable is not standard in every limousine service but it is usually costly so as to discourage the behavior. The client will also be held accountable for any other smoking-related damage caused.

Can a client request a certain chauffeur that he is familiar with?

Yes, if he or she is available. A good chauffeur-client relationship is encouraged so that the client can keep on coming back. It is good for the business. However, if the given chauffeur is serving a different client, you may be required to pick another one. Making early reservations comes in handy as the chauffeur can be reserved for you.

Do most limo services have party buses?

Yes, they do. Most people love to party. Party Buses are very popular because, apart from partying, they can also be used to transport large numbers of people out of town especially in field trips and tours. There huge capacity of up to 40 people gives them a big advantage.

Can reservations be done online?

Yes. Most limo services are fully functional online. Some of them even have their own apps which make it easier for their clients. Online reservation comes in handy when using a credit or master card. Once you are done with your ride, your receipt can be e-mailed to you.

What happens in case of an accident?

Accidents rarely happen when it comes to limousines. In fact, chances are very minimal since the chauffeurs are highly trained and they never over speed.  However, in case it happens, the company will be held accountable. All the bills and expenses will be taken care of including the medical requirements of the client and chauffeur. If it turns out that the client was the cause of the accident then he or she will have to be held accountable.