Some Interesting Facts About Limos

Limousines are some of the most fascinating cars to ever been created. The concept in itself is pure genius. A car long enough to fit two regular-sized cars and packed with enough luxury to make you forget your mansion in the hills. Most people simply know it as the super long car that you see on TV, but there is so much to it than meets the eye. Any businessman running a limo service will attest to this. Just to give you a clear picture of how magnificent this piece of machinery is, here are a few interesting things you might have missed.

They Are Over 100 Years Old

Limousines are as old as they come. They first came to be in the year 1902. It was a very exciting invention. At that time, there were no stretch limousines. It was just a luxury car with the backseat made into a compartment designed to keep the passenger safe and comfortable. The compartment was separated from the driver for privacy. The driver’s seat was open and therefore it was only the passengers who had all the fun.

The Stretch Idea Came Later

The first thing that comes to mind when a person mentions a limousine is the length. However, limousines were not originally long vehicles. They were just luxury cars with the backseat modified for maximum luxury. The stretch idea was later on introduced in 1928. It was a modification that was later on done by coachbuilders. Stretch limousines are barely made by car manufacturers. Their builders buy stock vehicles from the manufacturers and then modify them into limousines which are later on sold to individuals or companies.

The Longest Limousine is 100 feet long

Car builder and collector Jay Ohrberg is the man credited for having the longest limousine in the world. The American Dream, as most people know it, has held the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest car ever since it was unleashed in the year 1997. At 100 feet, American Dream has 26 wheels. Some of the amazing features of this vehicle include a king-sized bed, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi and a helicopter pad. What is more amazing is the fact that this vehicle can literally split in the middle in order to maneuver a corner.

Official Car for the President of the United States

You have all heard of the term “The Beast”. It is arguably the most secure car in the world. It is a  fully customized Cadillac limousine used to transport the president of the United States. Only a handful of people know the type of features it has installed on the inside. However, it is common knowledge that this vehicle is like a war armor. It is completely bulletproof and can withstand any kind of firepower including grenade and missile attacks.

Those are just a few of the most common ones. The limousine world is full of exciting things that will leave anyone in awe. It is the efforts of people like Jay Ohrberg who have made limos to be held to such esteem as to what it is today.